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Has anyone heard of the Million Dollar Program -Bill Kenney out of White City Oregon---is it a scam??

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    4/14/2013 5:21:10 PM

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Hey I've just seen this and I'm wondering the same thing. I already had to pay $5 just to get the information and then I get this new information stating that I need to pay $100 if I want to join. But really what am I getting? I know that others have peddled this same million dollar program. But what product are you getting? They keep that secret. So I know know and not even sure if I will join. I may just to see what you get and then tell everyone if it's a scam or not. Well have to see!

    4/17/2013 6:49:23 PM

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I just this info in the mail and came to library to see if it is a scam. found the address is for a Storage co. so he is using his storage unit to receive the mail. I am going to call the phone number to see what they say. Let us know if you join for $100 and what you get. I would be most grateful because I was over a year finding a job and this job is wearing me out. I do like it and the owners have intregity.

suej     1/1/2014 10:38:42 AM

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just by sending these people $5.00 he's probably made a million dollars ......

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